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To schedule your own Fall Birthday on the Farm call our

Tour Line at 517-749-8503

1)   Our Birthday Party Package $85.00

  • A Fall Decorated Birthday Cake ( Serves up to 20 people)

  • Ice Cream, your choice of: Vanilla or  Chocolate  

  • All the paper supplies to serve up to 20 people

  • Gift sacks for each guest (up to 20)

  • 2 games complete with prizes

  • a free pumpkin and a free hayride for the birthday boy/ girl

  • a host to run your party​         

  • Plug ins for crock pots, etc..


2)  Want a place to eat and open up gifts and run your own party...... $45.00
​           *includes electric


by Laura Damon

A weekend long birthday celebration took place between a corncob mailbox and the biggest Radio Flyer ever seen. On June 14 and 15, Andy T’s recognized its 29th year of bringing farm fresh goods to the public. As a gift to everyone who made those 29 years possible, the store gave out free items and discounted purchases to all its members. Andy T’s member, Linda Shaw, of Howell was awarded a new honeysuckle plant to replace the one her garden lost years ago. Member Dean Rabidoux, of Charlotte, wasn’t as sure where he was going to put his discounted plants. “I’m just going to dig a hole,” he laughed as he lined them up on the checkout counter. However, more than savings took place this weekend. One grandmother used this opportunity to cultivate a love for growing things in her granddaughter. Sporting a pink John Deer cap, the little girl gently brushed her fingertips against a flat of flowers. Turning an excited face up at her grandmother, she asked, “I get to plant?” The Case family from Laingsburg has also established a tradition of visiting Andy T’s. Their eldest daughter, Heather, now 20 years old, has been going to Andy T’s nearly all her life. “I really like the country feel,” she said. Come experience the country feel for yourself any day between 8 am and 8 pm.