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Fresh baking at it's best. Stop by and try a 13'' Pumpkin Roll (with or without nuts) that serves 10-12 people . 

Homemade pies, cookies, donuts and breads coming out of the oven daily.

Cobblestone Bread is the favorite at Andy T's made with fresh Michigan fruit. Apple cinnamon, cherry walnut, and blueberry cobblestone are available everyday and seasonal variations throughout the year!
Stop in today and see for yourself!

Andy T’s Farms Market Holiday order sheet It’s that time of year again were we invite friends and family to join around our tables and rejoice in our Thanks and the Giving of life love and happiness that they share with us… Let’s order early so we get them the very best from the oven….. Andy T’s fresh Homemade Michigan Pies and Breads Our selection $14.99 Deep Dish Apple_____ Caramel Apple_____ Dutch Apple_____ Blueberry_____ Blackberry______ Cherry_____ Peach_____ Pecan_____ Pumpkin_____ Raspberry________ Rhubarb______ Strawberry Rhubarb____ Very Berry______ No Sugar Options (Note these pies are made with a substitute Sugar that is diabetic safe) Apple____ Blueberry___ Cherry _____ Peach______ Mini Pies $4.99 Apple_____ Blueberry_____ Cherry_____ Peach______ Blackberry______ Strawberry Rhubarb_____ Very Berry_______ Raspberry______ Dinner rolls_______ Please check off what you would like to order beside the item and/or place a number By the item if you want multiples of that item. Name:___________________________________ order date:_________________ Phone:_____________________ Pick up time:______________________________


7 Grain

Natural Grain

Garlic Cheese

Sour Dough, 

Whole Wheat


Italian 5 grain
Toasted sunflower Honey

Jalapeno Pepper Corn bread

Cinnamon Swirl


Cherry/Walnut Cobblestone

and more.

*We also make homemade  hamburger buns upon order

Our Newest/Seasonal Items


At Andy T's bakery we offer a wide variety of homemade baked goods. Please be sure to ask about custom orders. 
  • Pumpkin Rolls
  • Homemade Pies
  • Donuts
  • ​Cookies
  • Fresh Baked Bread
  • Cobblestone Bread
  • Par-baked Breads